Benera and Estefan

Authors: Anca Benera and Arnold Estefan
Publisher: Asocatia pepluspatru, Ivan gallery
92 pages
ISBN 978-973-0-17783-1
Edition: 400 copies

This publication brings together the first projects of the artist duo Anca Benera and Arnold Estefan. Their works deals directly with the issue of cultural difference, exploring the caustic imprints on the subjectivity of identity, history-writing, and law-making. Their practice spans different media, cultural registers, and disciplines, to reflect on society as being a tissue of conventions that can and must be permanently re-imagined.
Having been present individually on the art scene in Romania and abroad for at least a decade, they have been started to work together in 2011. They acknowledge the past individual work as coauthored intellectual property, according to the life period they spent together. As claimed by their work Fictio Legis, this time represents 38.88% of their life up to this point (2014). In 2022 the percentage will increase to 50%, when they will both have equal rights over each other’s work.
The publication is an accompaniment to the solo shows “Compensation For the Lack Of Resources”, held at Ivan Gallery in 2013 and “We Were So Few and So Many Of Us Are Left”, at Bucharest (2013) including contributions by Bogdan Ghiu, Avi Feldman, Magda Radu, and Raluca Voinea.

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