Benera and Estefan

The World is Bound by Secret Knots, 2016

installation (handmade crochet, print, wall lettering)
400x230 cm


The geography of the world has always been (re)written by military interventions. Depicting the political equator as a corridor of global conflict, we imagined that the equatorial line has shifted, has been distorted, and thus geography is expanded to generate a new equator.

The flexibility of the crochet thread allows it to shift its path according to the changing borders throughout time and around the world, while its depiction also allows us to reclaim power over fabricated territorial layouts now grounded in North-South economic differences.

We created a handmade crochet line, similar to a military aiguillette that traces an imaginary line of world divisions, from Tijuana/San Diego to the Strait of Gibraltar, from the newly built anti-migration fences in Europe to the frontiers of Kurdistan, from the West Bank to the Taiwanese waters and so on.