Benera and Estefan
Questions from a worker, 2011
video, 2 min.

A group of workers from a can factory recite in mind the poem “Fragen eines lesenden Arbeiters” by Bertolt Brecht.

If the image of the worker used to have a generous representation during the communist period, being considered as the new "universal class", this began to gradually disappear today, although the existence of the simple worker has not vanished. Today’s ordinary workers continue to be exploited and pushed to the margins of society, forced to "stand in silence”. "Questions from a Worker" is part of the „Temporary History Department” created by Anca Benera, Arnold Estefan and Michaela Michailov. The project documents, archives and builds performative representations for one of the most consistent social communities in Romanian recent history – the factory. Seen as a space of perpetual “workhood”, the factory shapes our mental and physical relation to the society of workers, their visible and invisible products.