Benera and Estefan
Isa, por ës homou vogymuk (Indeed, we are all dust and ashes), 2011
Installation (wood),
variable dimensions

Kopjafa - the sculpted wooden grave posts from the Székely Land in Transylvania are symbolizing the different characters whose buried bodies
they are guarding; thus, through their geometric motifs you can differentiate between a woman and a man, a maid, a married or an old person.
The craftsman is guided by tradition and belief; the artist is taking the object out of its cult circuit and reconfigures it to suggest another possible use – in this case, the wood is arranged for a fire, in the right juxtapositions for burning slowly. They both know their works are speaking of transience but they choose to look at it lightly, to give it a form that is recognizable even in abstract shapes.