Benera and Estefan
Pacta sunt servanda, 2011
video performance, HD transferred to DVD 16 min. 37 sec.

The video performance consists of simultaneous readings in Hungarian and Romanian of chapters from our school history textbooks – The 1848 Revolution, The Trianon Treaty (1920) and The Vienna Treaty (1940). Each claims to explain the fundamental causes of the ethnic conflict in Transylvania, resulting in two contradictory versions of the past. Being read at the same time, the readings cancel one another out.
We are interested in going beyond the ties of ethnicity, majority vs. minority, nation or language, and towards a post-national sensitivity – not in opposition to national identity, but leading to a more complex and multi-layered form of belonging.
Another aspect of this work concerns the writing of history, something that has constantly been re-shaped from one period to another, according to the changing political agenda.